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About the WDC for Seismology, Beijing

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World Data Center for Seismology, Beijing, established in Sept. 1988 as a member of WDC, is supported and managed by CEA and guided by WDC National Committee and Scientific Committee of China. Its primary mission is to carry out international exchange of seismic and geomagnetic data. Since March, 1993, the WDC for Seismology, Beijing, has committed itself to the establishment of national seismic information network, acquiring international earthquake data and offering services to internal customers. Vigorously backed by the various kinds of earthquake monitoring systems and network information systems, WDC for Seismology, Beijing, has made itself a national-level center for seismology by promoting seismological database construction, strengthening the capability of domestic-oriented seismic data services, while carrying out international data exchange. In accordance with the general plan of CEA, WDC for Seismology, Beijing, was put under jurisdiction of China Earthquake Network Center in Oct. 2004 and began to have its own English language website in May, 2005.

According to the arrangement of WDC, a group of specialists (David Clark, Jean Bonnin, Tohru Araki and Wenhua Li) made an inspection tour of WDC for Seismology, Beijing, on July 6, 2005. The specialists unanimously concluded that WDC for Seismology, Beijing, has seismic data of national and industry standard, strong capability of data storage, good data sharing facilities and advanced network platform; the seismic data are of great significance to geophysical research and the institution has met performance requirements of WDC in every aspect. The specialists also spoke highly of the management and operation of WDC for Seismology, Beijing.

WDC specialist group at an appraisal meeting
WDC specialist group at an appraisal meeting